Hello, my name is Ian Izaguirre and this is my personal site, which serves as the central location to display my ongoing projects, freelance work, and portfolio.

I specialize in web development, business management, and offer valuable services to businesses of all types, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you.

Open Source
Open Source
Here are a few merged contributions to Open Source projects I have made:
  • Syntax.fm from Wes Bos | Language: React.js
  • • Added the ability to restore a user's volume setting and playback rate via localStorage.
    • Drastically reduced the amount of repeated code for generating the volume bars by creating a dynamic volume bars component.
  • NPM Install - Sublime Text 3 plugin | Language: Python
  • • Made plugin compatible with JSX files.
  • Cobalt2 - Slack Color Scheme from Wes Bos
  • - Reason: I really like the Cobalt2 color scheme Wes Bos uses. I saw he had a project on how to use his theme on Slack, but I noticed all the colors where incorrect, so I set out to fix it.
  • Facebook / Jest (grammar context correction)
  • - Reason: When I was reading through some of the Jest documentation, I clicked on a profile link that took me to an incorrect Twitter page of one of the current developers. I set out to fix this, but soon noticed it was going to take a little longer then usual to track down the correct information, because the developer had changed his legal name! So after some detective work, I figured out his correct information and updated the documentation.
  • React in Patterns book
  • - Reason: Grammar fix.
I often lend a helping hand to those less fortunate, here is a sample of my philanthropic efforts over the past few years.
  • Joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters nonprofit organization, where I mentored and created a positive influence for a child that I was matched with (2015 to 2016)
  • Volunteered at Miami Children’s Hospital, where I transported patients, confirmed appointments and observed various pediatric dental procedures (June 2012 - March 2014)
  • Attended a medical mission to Mindo, Ecuador, where I transported patients, observed & helped a dermatologist, and assisted in the construction and breakdown of a temporary medical clinic (June 2011)
  • Featured interview on Switchup.org, Alumni Spotlight (January 2018)
  • Knight Hacks Hackathon Winner, DevPost (Oct 7, 2017)
  • ShellHacks Hackathon Winner, DevPost (Oct 1, 2017)