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If you’ve ever been late to class and asked your friend for their notes, only to have a challenging time understanding them – then you’re not alone. DrJekyll solved that. Launched in 2016, DrJekyll gave members access to recorded lecture sessions and community class notes.

1. Project background – During the summer of 2016, I enrolled in a university course, “Motivation in the Virtual World”, which discussed the principals involved in designing successful online communities, membership websites and online educational materials. Upon completion, I constructed a test project to apply these concepts.

2. The problem – Having taken a few morning classes, I witnessed many classmates missing lectures or arriving late, likely due to heavy traffic or oversleeping. The usual remedy was asking a friend for their notes, which tends to be unreliable, as every person writes their notes in a personalized way.

3. Project goals and objectives – I wanted to remove the possibility of students missing out on important information when relying on a classmate’s notes. Videos allowed for anytime access as convenience matters. The members of DrJekyll all shared the same goal, to do well in their class.

DrJekyll also used its members collective goal through teamwork, by providing a medium that allowed its members to combine and revise their lecture notes into one shared document. This eliminated possible information gaps, which resulted in an improved packet of notes.

To mitigate investment costs, website access was granted upon the collection of a donation. This added an additional challenge to convert users into paying members, which was resolved by devising a gamification strategy.


– The course targeted was genetics , hence the projects name “Dr. Jekyll”, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson (1886), “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

– To maintain some essence of unification with school spirit, I developed a logo that contained a similar animal as my university’s mascot, a panther.


Only the login page was accessible to both members and non-members. When a user navigated to DrJekyll.me, they were met with a login prompt, exam countdown, and an inspiring quote.

Once logged in, members would largely be interested in only viewing the current week’s class material. I wanted members to access relevant information in a timely manner, but not overburden them with options. I opted to place the site’s main navigation on the members homepage. The main menu was designed as a large accordion styled menu that provided a cleaner and smoother navigation experience. The user only needed to click once to view the current week’s content.


DrJekyll was useful in helping students understand concepts that were discussed in class. Additionally, the website acted as a means for students to start study groups.

Membership enrollment steadily increased to 27, but due to the increasing interest in my service and time requirements, I had to halt further membership enrollments.

Although correlation is not causation, it is worth noting that members received high marks on exams. Sometimes, the most amazing solutions are found in the strangest places.


Here are my top three favorite testimonials:

I didn't understand genetics or had the confidence to pass it till you showed me what the teacher didn't explain in a manner where it made sense, thx for your help... your gonna make it far I can tell

Posted by Ali Sheikh on Monday, November 21, 2016

Thank you so much for going that extra mile to help everyone Ian You are the best !!!!! Wish you could be in all my future classes 😣... Good luck on your future endeavors, I'm sure you'll do great !!!

Posted by Daenne Dolce on Sunday, November 20, 2016

It takes a very special person to want to help others achieve their goals!! Thank you for the help in genetics class. Best wishes on your path to becoming a dentist.

Posted by Jessica Vega on Wednesday, November 16, 2016